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Virtual Engagement for your Remote & Hybrid Workforces

Remote engagement
Induction / Orientation

Our unique 3D, interactive virtual induction helps you to create the best first impression during induction & orientation. 

Saves time, resources and is fully bespoke. It should be your first virtual engagement initiative if you haven’t done it already


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Learning & Development

Enhance learning objectives by making each course that much more engaging.  Our forte is to gamify even the most mundane content and transform it into interesting user experiences. 

Virtual engagement
Retention (virtual engagement)

The coolest engagement ideas to see you through both the hybrid workspace and low morale times. Keep the workforce engaged, when they want it – not enforced. 

See it in action

Check out our demo of a gamified  experience for International Women’s Day. A simple virtual engagement for remote teams, anywhere in the world
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Fully Customizable
Can be loaded on your LMS

What makes it cool

Some of the creative aspects that make our projects stand out 

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We REALLY know engagement, as well as Remote & Virtual Engagement

If we told you how many years of combined experience we have in employee engagement, you’ll think we are ancient. But the truth is that we have been the front runners of digital experiences. We incorporated in 2017 – well before the pandemic, with the intention of creating virtual and remote engagement in India 

Imagine the latest technologies, made fully interactive, gamified, appealing and crazy cool to look at. Then multiply that. 

Now you’re getting close. 

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Interactive, Gamified

Wouldn’t you want learning, induction, orientation, engagement and all things corporate to be a lot more fun while being more effective? 

That’s literally what we do. 


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Easy to implement

You want SCORM compliant? You got it

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No data leakage because there’s also no data capture. 

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Track it

Know how many users or learners have completed. Push to all in your organization or just a few. 

What is Virtual Induction?

Get rid of the 3 day schedule of boring PPTs and bad speakers. Let’s have a learner paced, gamified version complete with videos, interactive elements, and in a full 3D environment. Most importantly, create a great first impression and make the message stick !

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“the virtual induction is a game changer for us”


“our learning & development courses have become the talk of the organization”


“You have created something magical for our employees. A sustainability campaign designed as an interactive escape room – brilliant !”


“We didn’t think that EVERY new hire would be talking about the virtual induction even 2 months after joining. Thank you. “


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Bespoke and ready modules for your organization’s engagement needs

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