Experience the Best of Cricket, Team Building, & Strategy in a Captivating Indoor Activity

Elevate Leadership Strategy with “Cricket Strateist” – Your Cricket Team Building Activity & Triumph

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The Love for Cricket: A Unifying Bond in India

How does this translate to an incredible cricket team building activity on strategy, communication & risk taking for Leaders?

Risk Taking

Start with a purse, particiapte in an auction to get the players you need or desire. Or atleast the ones you can afford


For a cricket team building activity, this has everything your leaders would want. Competitve analysis, data driven decision making, change management and yes, tyhe power of winning. 

One of a kind

Cricket is loved and followed closely. To create an activity that simulates the game as well as the thinking behind it is challenging. But we’ve cracked it and it’s now the only one of its kind in India


Your team will compete with others. For the players, and also by playing matches against each of the other teams. See if your decisions have paid off. 

Cricket team building activity for strategy leadership

Discover how your team can have a great cricket team building session

Where Passion Meets Strategy

  • Immerse your leadership team in the thrill of cricket, India’s beloved sport, while honing strategic prowess.
  • “Cricket Strategist” combines cricket’s excitement with leadership strategy, making it an ideal choice for leaders.
  • Whether you’re a lover of the sport, indifferent or a hater, this cricket team building activity provides unique advantages to each group

Team Building Beyond Boundaries

  • Cricket transcends cultural and regional differences, forging a unique bond among diverse team members.
  • “Cricket Strategist” harnesses this unity, enabling leaders to collaborate effectively and drive common goals.

The Game of Strategy and Skill

An Auction for Leaders

  • Begin with an exhilarating team auction, where leaders strategize to build the perfect team of dice-based bowlers and batters.
  • Showcase your leadership acumen as you form a squad poised for victory.

20-20 Innings: Strategy at Its Core

  • Navigate through each innings, making tactical decisions and employing leadership insights to outscore opponents.
  • Every dice roll mirrors a bowler’s delivery or batter’s stroke, demanding keen strategy and calculated risks.
Cricket team building activity strategy leadership

Benefits of Leadership Strategy


Develop critical decision-making skills as you choose bowlers, assess batters, and adapt strategies on-the-fly


Apply leadership insights acquired in this cricket team building activity to real-world challenges, bolstering your leadership prowess


Foster a spirit of collaboration, where leaders contribute their unique strengths and work in harmony toward a shared goal.


Witness how effective communication and shared strategies lead to triumphant innings, both on the board and in business.

Why Choose A Cricket Team Building Activity for Strategy?

  • Improved decision-making: Good leaders are able to make sound decisions under pressure. They are able to weigh the pros and cons of different options and make the best choice for the team.
  • Increased efficiency: Effective leaders are able to develop and implement strategies that help the team achieve its goals more efficiently. They are able to identify and eliminate unnecessary steps, and they are able to delegate tasks effectively.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills: Leaders who are able to think strategically are better able to identify and solve problems. They are able to see the big picture and they are able to come up with creative solutions.
  • Greater team collaboration: Leaders who are able to develop and implement effective strategies are able to build stronger teams. They are able to get everyone on the same page and they are able to create a sense of shared purpose.
  • Increased employee engagement: Employees who feel like they are part of a team that is working towards a common goal are more likely to be engaged and productive. Leaders who are able to develop strong leadership strategies are able to create a more engaging and productive work environment.
Cricket team building activities for strategy in india
Cricket team building indoor activity for strategy
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“I didn’t think that you could make a board game that not only captures the game of cricket, but also make it perfect for a leadership team building activity. Yes, it was an indoor activity but it was so good that we wanted to know where we could buy the game”

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“Our International leadership team is very demanding and rarely want to do an activity unless it is unique and meets all the business requirements. Tryitowl came in and showcased their cricket team building activity that was a huge hit with this group. Can’t wait to suggest it to our other leaders. “

Block our cricket team building activity for your next leadership strategy session

Unleash your leadership strategy through a cricket-themed adventure like no other. Experience camaraderie, teamwork, and triumph

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