Looking for someone to build custom 3D experiences for you/your org?

Custom 3D Experiences for your company

Tryitowl builds custom experiences for you and your company. We’ve created 3D immersive experiences like a virtual offsite on an island resort (complete with Ferris wheel, snorkelling, airship views and night mode), custom built job fairs, virtual onboarding and induction, team building activities and learning programs for Billion-Dollar companies.

Custom 3D experiences

A few of our recent builds

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& custom 3d experiences

Virtual Offsite

You miss the company’s retreat. Don’t. We can build one for you. A virtual offsite on a browser platform. Collect experience points, use it to go snorkelling in a 3D environment, hunt for treasure, do an escape room, take a ride on a Ferris wheel, chat with colleagues, have fun, buy a drink, take a selfie. Whew. That’s still only scratching the surface.

Team Building

Virtual team building is not new but it is gaining in popularity. We’ve been doing this since 2017 and we have 20 years of prior experience in team building to boot. Rather than just use what’s available, how about building a custom 3D experience for your teams? One that integrates with your company and values, resonates specifically with your org and makes everyone relate to what they’re doing.

Virtual Onboarding and Induction

We get it. Your onboarding is boring. Presentations that were curated months ago, speakers who are not adept at engagement and a total lack of consistency across sessions. A custom 3d experience for your induction with lots of gamification will allow new hires (and existing employees) to explore at their pace, learn and score. Highly effective and fully customisable.

Team Building

Treasure Hunts | Escapes | Adventures | Missions | Simulations

Virtual Offsites

Take your team on a virtual offsite or retreat – at a fraction of the cost. You don’t even have to be restricted to doing this once a year. Do this every quarter and see the camaraderie and employer branding grow

Virtual Induction

Create an immersive and custom 3d experience for new hires. Learn policies, what makes you unique and also about your company – all at their own pace


What we do as part of our bespoke and custom 3d experiences for your org

  • Custom 3D environment or shoot of your workplace
  • Consultation on gamification
  • Videos
  • Browser based interactivity – no downloads
  • Can be hosted on your servers
  • Possible links to your LMS
  • Include your branding and company details
  • Built to engage
  • Quick turnaround


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Tryitowl has created some really engaging and exciting digital engagement activities that suited our requirement for a virtual team building session – perfectly. 

We are experienced

We Have Over 20 Years of Experience in The Industry

While most companies pivoted to digital in late 2020, we have been doing this since 2017. And we bring over 20 years of experience in creating custom experiences for organizations. Just that we now create custom 3d experiences (and 2D too) that are engaging, effective and exceptional.

The Best Custom 3D Experiences for 2024