Virtual Engagement Options

A set of virtual engagement options for Volvo CE

Fully Browser Based

Secure and fast

For teams or individuals

Fully Customisable

The Brief

A series of 4-5 digital and online activities for a group of about 250 pax, conducted in batches over a period of 6 weeks. Needs to be fun but ideally aligned to Volvo CE’s culture

Themes: Trust, Passion, Change, Performance & Customer Focus

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Trust – The Joint Task Force

For trust, we recommend Joint Task Force as the best option. In this fully 3D digital activity, a team of 4 will attempt to reach the next level by collaborating.

Each of the four will be in a different virtual environment. See the image as a reference. You can click and drag within this image to look around, possibly move within the area and find clues. Interestingly, some of the clues will actually help your teammates to exit rather than yourself. So, if you exit before the others, chances are that they will be stuck. So you need to collaborate, help each other and find a way to escape together.


  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • Fun


Virtual engagement change

For Change, we have a great online simulation called 20 weeks. In this activity, the team represents a company that has the potential to be bought out at a fantastic price – IF, they can achieve a certain target before the end of 20 weeks. 

Needless to say, each week some new wrinkle will question their thought process and decisions. Their ability to adapt and make changes will be the determining factor as to whether they can win or not. 


  • Adaptability
  • Accept Change
  • Better Decisions
  • Lots of Fun

Customer Focus

The Customer is Queen activity is perfect for any customer focus event. In this program, the teams will be out of their comfort zone and have to work together to ensure customer delight. They will have a budget (which they cannot exceed), a company performance (where they will score negative for poor decisions) and a unique set of customer emotions that will immediately provide feedback on whether the customer likes your choice or not. 


  • Customer Focus
  • Iterative Feedback
  • Better Decisions
  • Lots of Fun

For your Passion experience, we recommend a custom creation of a history room (either in full 3D or a 2D experience). 

We will use public domain information about Volvo and test the teams on how much they know about the organization, the changes, the logos, the brand values etc. 


  • Brand Alignment
  • Competitive
  • Bonus for those who get it right
  • Highly engaging


In Around the World, your team has to explore different locations around the world to find a certain treaure before either time runs out or others beat them to it. 

This is a highly engaging 3D experience that measures performance of teams under time and peer pressures. 


  • Highly Engaging
  • Competitive
  • Unique
  • Measures against time and peer pressure

Suggested Schedule

Here is a sample / suggested schedule spanning 5 weeks. We’re making an assumption that the group of 250-300 pax will be divided into 5 batches ranging from 50-75 pax. We will call these as batches A, B, C & D

Week 1

Activity: Customer is Queen
Theme: Customer Focus

Tuesday, 10:30am: Batch A
Tuesday 3:30pm : Batch B

Wednesday, 10:30am: Batch C
Wednesday, 3:30pm: Batch D

Week 2

Activity: Joint Task Force
Theme: Trust

Tuesday, 10:30am: Batch B
Tuesday 3:30pm : Batch C

Wednesday, 10:30am: Batch D
Wednesday, 3:30pm: Batch A

Week 3

Activity: 20 Weeks
Theme: Change

Tuesday, 10:30am: Batch C
Tuesday 3:30pm : Batch D

Wednesday, 10:30am: Batch A
Wednesday, 3:30pm: Batch B

Week 4

Activity: The Company Link
Theme: Passion

Tuesday, 10:30am: Batch D
Tuesday 3:30pm : Batch A

Wednesday, 10:30am: Batch B
Wednesday, 3:30pm: Batch C


Week 5

Activity: The Mission
Theme: Performance

Tuesday, 10:30am: Batch A
Tuesday 3:30pm : Batch B

Wednesday, 10:30am: Batch C
Wednesday, 3:30pm: Batch D


Engagement Guaranteed


Next Steps

Each of the activities will fall within the range of 30-60 min. They are all highly engaging.

Once you decide what you like, we would like to schedule a quick demo of a few of the activity suggestions.

Post the Demo, we can finalise the scheduling, the costs and the facilitation module.

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