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A very different kind of creative agency that focuses on well…just creativity

What’s the connection between Escape Rooms, Online Games and Stationery?

There really isn’t one unless you drill down to a simple essence – great design. 

That’s really what we are about – turning things on their head and working out some great designs and concepts. 


Online Games & Engagement

The lockdown has shown the importance of quality engagement. More so for pre-teens, teens and young adults. Yes, there are a lot of options for individual games. What have you really got that can engage a group to play together on a single mission and still find something new to learn?


We love how good white looks on black. So we made some really cool books with some great quality paper – in black. And we’ll give you a white pen to write with too. Great for your personal doodles and as a corporate gift. Lots of customisation options. 

Our Room Escapes

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100% engagement

“our only focus is to Come up with great ideas and bring them to you”

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