Best DIGITAL Team building activities in 2021

The most engaging digital team building activities in 2021 are available here. Get in touch with us for digital team building activities that are learning based, event based, outcome based or simply for your Friday and weekend fun.


The most challenging, engaging and fun digital team building activities of 2021 are here.

Learning Based

Whether it is ready solutions or customised learning based digital team building solutions, we have them for you. Give us a brief, answer some our questions, give us your objectives and the audience and we’ll create something for you.

TEAM Based

This could be for small or large teams, town halls, leadership groups or just for you fun Fridays/ weekends. Our Digital Team building activities and missions, make it fun while learning collaboration, communication and team work. See more on our other site: Virtual Escapes


Offsite and retreats are something every organisation and its employees are missing these days. We have a virtual offsite that is feature rich, covering all aspects of a real offsite and is created for engagement .

Learning Requirements

We have ready digital team building acitivities as well as the ability to create bespoke activities for you. If you have 500 or 50,000 employees, you still need to provide something that your team will relate to. Give us your requirement and we’ll create it for you.

Event Based

From a live address by the leader, to a company’s outlook and goals for the coming year and the fun aspects of an offsite, Our Virtual Offsite, an engaging digital team building activity has all these features and more.

Team Based

For teams of 500 – 50000, these digital team building activities are engaging, challenging and fun. We have 2D and 3D missions and activities that will bring about collaboration, communication and team spirit.


With the continuation of WFH, organisations need better digital team building activities. We have multiple offerings for all requirements and have continuously delivered at large Fortune 500 organisations. Choose form some of the ready solutions or opt for a custom created digital team building activity that cater specifically for your organisation. Some examples of what we have created are listed here.

  • 2D missions.
  • 3D escapes and missions.
  • Customer centricity
  • Workplace sustainibility
  • E-Commerce simulation
  • Diversity and Inclusitivity
  • Virtual Off-Site
  • D&I Challenges

Digital Team Building solutions and activities came about because of a very strong background in digital tech, team building, employee engagement, facilitation, audience engagement and of course speaking sessions where both the founders have spent considerable amount of time interacting with audiences.

We are experienced

We Have Over 15 Years of Experience in Team Building & Engagement.

By virtue of having designed, managed and run escape rooms, it felt natural to take this into the virtual world. Additionally, our background working with large corporates enabled us to find solutions that while engaging, also provided the highest security, data privacy and ease of facilitation.

About us

Finding the right tech is only one part of the solution. The critical part is the engagement.

TRYITOWL LLP is all about digital engagement. Founded in 2018, we started with upping the ante when it comes to engagement. Even at the start of the pandemic in 2020, when companies were still grappling with how to work from home and how to take things digital, Tryitowl was already into digital engagement and were the first to have a fully functional virtual escape solution.

Completely Browser Based

Highest Security

Totally Scalable

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