Ideas for Virtual Rewards and Recognition

Ideas for your next virtual Rewards & Recognition

here are a few quick ideas for conducting your virtual rewards and recognition events with a little more interactivity and a lot more panache

Virtual Rewards & Recognition in today's world

While our events have gone virtual, event managers and customers haven’t yet adopted the virtual world whole heartedly. This is why you see most events trying to replicate the real world in a virtual event – not from a perspective of immersive-ness but in the manner it is conducted. An emcee or host is likely to be in front of a green screen and hosting the event the same way you’d have had a live one. 


This is seen even more when it comes to conducting a rewards and recognition program, virtually. Guess what, your virtual rewards don’t need to be boring or sequential. It is possibly to engage, enthral and make things interactive. 

Here are two simple ideas to integrate into your next virtual event – especially for the rewards and recognition section. But let us know and we’ll help you make the entire experience interactive and engaging. 


Using a Jigsaw Puzzle

Bring in some elements of guessing. Just before you announce the winner – share a link that puts up a jigsaw puzzle. Solve it to know who won.

[game-puzzle id=”777″]

Or a cool slider

This one doesn’t add time, but it ups the ante on coolness. And we can password protect it so there will be an added layer of mystery

[h5p id=”10″]