Virtual new employee onboarding for better engagement & remote engagement

Virtual Induction & Onboarding

Virtual induction refers to the process of onboarding new employees, remote employees or team members remotely. It has become increasingly popular due to the rise of remote work but has really accepted mainstream popularity because of the tremendous benefits.

Benefits of Virtual Induction:

There are several benefits of using virtual options for new employee onboarding, both for the new hire and your organization. One of the main benefits is that it saves time and resources compared to traditional in-person onboarding. With virtual new employee onboarding, new hires can complete their onboarding tasks at their own pace, without necessarily having to travel to a physical location. This can also be beneficial for organizations with distributed teams or employees working in different time zones making for far more effective inductions.

Virtual new employee onboarding offers greater consistency in the onboarding process, which can be important for maintaining organizational culture and company values. With a gamified, standardized virtual induction program, new hires receive the same level of training and support, regardless of their location or department as compared to in-person inductions and training sessions employed earlier for your corporate induction. This can help ensure that everyone is aligned with the company culture, goals and expectations – equally.

Why do you need a Virtual Induction or gamified 3D experience for new employee onboarding?

According to research, only 1 in 10 employees think that their company does a great job of induction. Eek! There can be a lot of confusion around this subject – especially when you translate it to a virtual setting.

Creating an Effective Virtual New Employee Onboarding Program:

To create an effective virtual induction program, it is important to plan ahead and provide clear instructions and resources for new employees. Here are some tips for designing a successful virtual induction programme:

Define the Goals and Objectives:

Before you start designing your virtual new employee onboarding program, it is important to define the goals and objectives of the program. What do you want new employees to learn and takeaway during the onboarding process? What skills and knowledge do they need to be successful in their role? How will you include your Organization Culture? Should it be an immersive experience, should it be a virtual experience? Should you offer Virtual reality or just use 3D technology for immersiveness? How can you make this an interactive learning environment while still ensuring it is a part of your employee onboarding training? By answering these questions and defining these goals and objectives, you can ensure that your virtual employee induction program is focused and effective.

Create a Detailed Plan:

Once you have defined the goals and objectives of your virtual employee induction program, you can start creating a detailed plan for incorporating the induction process into your build. This should include a timeline for each task and activity, as well as a list of resources and materials that new employees will need to access. You should also consider how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your virtual new employee onboarding program, such as through surveys or feedback from new employees, completion time of the new induction process and real time metrics through your LMS or other similar system.

Provide Clear Instructions and Resources:

To ensure that new employees have a smooth and successful onboarding experience, it is important to provide clear instructions and resources. This includes access to online training materials, videos, and documents that are specific to their role and department. You should also provide instructions on how to access and use any virtual platforms or tools that they will need to use during the onboarding process. To really create a positive experience, you should factor in your evidence of training into these virtual employee induction programs.

Encourage Interaction and Collaboration:

Even when working remotely, it is important to encourage interaction and collaboration between new employees and their colleagues. This can be achieved through virtual meetings, group chats, or online forums where new employees can ask questions and receive support from their peers. You can also assign mentors or buddies to new employees to help them feel more connected and supported during the onboarding process. The 3D environment you create has to be focused on a lot more than just virtual training, and be an interactive learning environment.

Evaluate and Improve your new employee onboarding:

Once your virtual new employee onboarding program is up and running, it is important to evaluate its effectiveness and make improvements as needed. This can be done through surveys or feedback from remote employees and your new hires, as well as by analyzing metrics such as employee retention and productivity. By regularly evaluating and improving your virtual induction process, you can ensure that it remains effective and relevant to the needs of your organization.

A Memorable Induction Experience

To ensure that new employees have a memorable induction experience, it is important to make sure that the onboarding process is rewarding and engaging. This can be achieved by incorporating fun activities into the virtual induction process,  such as interactive exercises, and a discoverable journey. You should also make sure to provide new hires with access to useful resources such as company policies and procedures, mandatory courses, Code of Conduct, benefits and how your payroll works.


Virtual induction has become an essential part of onboarding for many organizations, especially those with remote or distributed teams. By providing clear instructions and resources, encouraging interaction and collaboration, and evaluating interactions, your virtual induction project should be ready to take off.

If you’re interested in creating something a lot more unique, highly gamified, provide great ROI and build the best first impressions for all your new hires, Or if you’re just looking for a Demo, then write to us:

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