A TryitOwl Mystery for the exceptional

It’s long suspected that there is a secret society for the exceptional – not just studious but curious. World over, students have found their way in to this secret society. There’s a passage of rites to even get through the selection. No one ever tells you how to find it, because it’s constantly changing.

The society welcomes only the brave, adventurous, curious and intelligent. Not nerdy, just intelligent. You don’t have to break any rules to enter, but you need to be smart. It’s for code crackers, mystery lovers. The few of us, who really stand out. Are you an aspirant?

You and your friends have stumbled upon the first clue. A possible entry for selection – where a lot more rigorous, puzzling and interesting┬áchallenges will await you in the months to come. But first things first – start solving.

A few tips:
This is not a speed challenge. You get no bonus for being fastest or first. You either make it through or you don’t. This location and clue is time-bound. It will cease to be available for you or your friends after a period of time so consider it as a one-time chance to be a part of something special.
There are no clues and hints other than what you see.

There are 25 pieces. Snap them into the right position to complete the puzzle. Start solving:

[game-puzzle id=”229″]


A clue: But only if you can't figure out the code

The 8th Letter in Vaccines is “S”

Hint: If you're sure you're still not getting it

Position of Vaccines as a word is 8 and therefore you need the 8th Letter from that word. Hope this helps

Enter the “code” you got from the image above, and wait for the page to load. Depending on your speed, it might take some time.




If you’ve solved all the rooms and got all the exit codes, then you should be able to complete the next code


solve the codes you received from each class’ exit as a date: your codes will give you a YYYY-MM-DD but you need to enter this here as MM-DD-YYYY [pbcm-exit]